My name is Mark. This blog is about movies. Mostly.

I live in the beautiful San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles and am currently a freelance editor or assistant editor. That means I am unemployed and have a relatively large amount of time with which to watch movies. I keep my Netflix queue full ALL THE TIME. The maximum they will accept is 500 entries. As soon as one comes off, I put another back on. The list of movies I want to watch or should watch keeps growing bigger. If I watched three movies on my list a day for a year, I wouldn’t be done. I will never be done. Someone help me.

  1. A stable, like, genius

    When did you start this blog? I am the first to comment on it and it is January 6th, 2018.

    • movieswithmark

      You’re the second to comment on it since 2011. I have had two whole comments because nobody reads the blog. Nobody reads it because I never write on it unless I’m unemployed and I don’t really put the link out there anyway. Great, now I feel useless.

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